Behind the Brand – Pure Joy Creations

Behind the Brand

Pure Joy Creations is a jewelry brand that is inspired by celebrating our inner fire and passion for life. The pure joy we all fight for despite our circumstance is what unites us. We are raw, beautiful beings confined to the same incredible planet. Pure Joy Creations is here to play with the balance of dark and light and create wearable art inspired by what makes us feel alive. 

The heartbeat behind the brand is the people, places, and experiences that remind us to have gratitude that isn't determined by what happens to us, but rather how we use it to grow, evolve, and push forward. This is pure joy.

 The name, "Pure Joy Creations" originates from the idea of creating from a place of pure joy and the logo resembles both gold and hot embers which symbolizes inner strength, resilience, and the inherent fire in the human spirit.

Ancient techniques of silversmithing and lost wax carving are used to experiment with shape, contrast, and texture. Each piece of wearable art is created with the intention to be a treasured accent to your personal style. Pure Joy Creations is for lovers of clean lines and versatile jewelry with a story to tell. The beauty and patterns found in nature blend with modern shapes and style to create a balance of elegance, edge, and nostalgia. 

Our mission is to give you wearable art to rock with confidence, inspire you to let your true self shine, and to remind you that you are beautiful, enough, and a fierce force to be reckoned with. Whether jewelry is armor, icing to your style, or a meaningful representation of your journey, we encourage you to embrace it.  

All jewelry is sustainably made by hand in San Diego, California with natural gemstones and sterling silver, gold, and 14k gold filled components. 

Thank you for supporting a small business!



All jewelry is handcrafted by Megan Moller in San Diego, California