Unearthed Collection – Pure Joy Creations

Unearthed Collection

This collection is currently almost sold out online, but you can find more jewelry from this collection and never released designs in person at our mini shop at the maker marketplace, Local Niche UTC, located in San Diego, California. 

Stay tuned for updates on restocking!

Megan, PJC


The Unearthed Collection is Pure Joy Creation's more minimal line that highlights the rich beauty of our planet's gemstones and minerals with clean lines and elegant style.

This jewelry collection is captivating and great for everyday, but can also be worn to dress up a formal look as a stunning focal point or pop of color.

Inspiration derives from love for our natural world, and the incredible science behind how gems and crystals are created. What a journey they must embark on to exist as they do!
Each piece of jewelry celebrates the harsh conditions that led to the beautiful stone being formed. A little...well a lot like how life is for us humans! Ha! Embrace all that makes you, you and enjoy a shiny gem from the depths of planet earth.

Beauty can be formed from what seems like chaos. Shine on you beautiful being! 
I hope this jewelry reminds you just how beautiful you are no matter what life has thrown at you!