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Uncage & Reclaim

UNCAGE & RECLAIM is a collection for those who break away from the mold and choose to live fiercely as themselves.
Uncage & Reclaim explores the human condition from what energizes us to what knocks us down. A story of heartfelt moments, pain, triumph, personal growth, community, success, failure, inner conflict, trauma, joy... a story of life. This collection is an exploration in metal on freeing ourselves from the cage within our own mind, identities we have become attached to, and from the effects of traumatic experiences. 
Uncage & Reclaim explores what it means to be human. 

The Uncage & Reclaim Collection is hand fabricated and  will be released in batches:


UNCAGE- This collection will start with an array of chokers to emulate the inner warrior that arises to survive hardship,the layers of ourselves, and life's gifts that help us through. Delicately bold earrings and studs reflect on our human experience and what prevents us from living from our true nature and the drive we have to find our way back to ourselves.

   RECLAIM- The second half of the collection is where the real storytellers come out and celebrate reclaimed power and emerging from darkness to inner freedom and pure joy. All designs are hand fabricated and will be released ASAP. Get on the PURE JOY CREATIONS email list or follow on instagram @purejoycreations to be updated on release dates for the new collection.


Thank you for supporting a small business and coming along in this journey with me. Uncage & Reclaim is the story of all of us and wherever you are at in your life or journey to wellness, I hope you know we are in this together and you are a beautiful human who is capable of more than you could ever imagine! May we all heal at a time when the world needs it most.


Megan Moller

Pure Joy Creations