Adventure Collection – Pure Joy Creations

Adventure Collection

This collection is currently almost sold out online, but you can find more jewelry from this collection and never released designs in person at our mini shop at the maker marketplace, Local Niche UTC, located in San Diego, California. 

Stay tuned for updates on restocking!

Megan, PJC

Our planet has the most epic landscapes, inhabitants, textures, and ambiance. Nature gives us so many gifts and should be honored and respected. The ADVENTURE COLLECTION is inspired by details and patterns in the natural world.


What better way to find your joy than to gain strength, perspective, and mindfulness from an adventure!
Celebrate your journey through life with handcrafted jewelry that blends organic lines with a modern aesthetic. 

Each piece has significant symbolism to an experience in life that created joy. The designs come from personal experience, storytelling, and observation of what brings people to life.
Our hope is that you will be reminded of a special place, time, or experience of pure joy while wearing Pure Joy Creations Jewelry.
We believe that unlike happiness, joy isn't fleeting. It is the authentic core of our selves and what drives us to push forward and experience life.